Brew unto others as you would want done unto you.

Two Brothers Brewing Company was founded on one thing: passion. When brothers Jim and Jason Ebel discovered their passion for great beer while traveling the world, they followed it and started Two Brothers Brewing Company.

Over the past 23 years, the brothers’ two-man passion project has grown into a lifestyle brand that offers multiple products and spans over a dozen states. And while we may be a little bigger these days, Two Brothers remains true to its passion. For us, that means brewing with our beliefs, roasting with no regrets and creating an atmosphere where friends and family come first.

We call this Craft with a Conscience.

This means maintaining higher standards, even if that means lowering our production capacity. Taking care of every customer that walks through our door as well as giving back to our community. Saving this family owned business for future generations, not selling out to a big corporation. Making the most memorable collection of artisan products while making the least environmental impact. And displaying an unrelenting passion in everything we do.

Craft with a Conscience has been passed down through the Two Brothers family. Their grandfather, a dairy farmer, also passed down his bulk milk tanks that the brothers originally converted into fermenters. Now it’s grown into 40,000 square foot facility with a 50 barrel brewing system and 3000 barrels of fermentation space. Two Brothers continually finds ways to use technology to improve efficiency and conserve energy. They also find ways to support the community where they’ve grown up, whether it’s sponsoring local teams, donating spent grain to local farmers, or protecting the area’s natural resources.

Over 21 years later, Two Brothers remains passionate about what matters.

For us, that means refusing to cut corners, supporting the local community, remaining 100% family owned and independent and creating award-winning products sustainably and with integrity.

Follow Your Passion, Drink Ours.


Craft with a Conscience is about ...


  • Growing from a small retail store – The Brewer’s Coop – to a 40,000 square foot brewery
  • Founding one of Illinois’ original craft breweries


  • Producing the products we want to make, the way we want to make it, without compromise
  • Ignoring trends and staying true to what makes our beer among the most widely-respected craft beers


  • Starting a company with milk tanks, donated by Jim and Jason’s grandfather and using them as fermenters
  • Remaining a 100% family owned business for 20 years and treating every employee as part of the Two Brothers family


  • Producing artisan products the right way, without shortcuts and regardless of costs
  • Maintaining the highest standard and using the best ingredients in everything we do

Highest Quality

  • Crafting freshly prepared, locally sourced and organic food at all our restaurants
  • Using the best ingredients in all our artisan products, including our small-batch roasted, specialty-grade coffee

Sustainable Practices

  • Using recyclable materials as well as local ingredients whenever possible
  • Providing brewery spent grain to farms for cattle
  • Hosting no-waste events like our Summer Festival

See more of our green initiatives below

Support Local

  • Contributing over $35,000 worth of charitable goods in 2016 and raising thousands of dollars for Make-A-Wish Illinois and other local charities through Two Brothers Summer Festival
  • Supporting local events and teams like the Aurora 88s roller derby team

Staunch Independence

  • Refusing to sell our brewery so we can always brew what we want, the way we want
  • Ensuring we continue to create artisan products that our fans have come to love and expect

Craft with a Conscience Green Initiatives

From recycling to locally sourced ingredients to no waste events, we believe good artisan products and doing good for the environment go hand in hand. Sustainability and organic practices are the two biggest ingredients in any Two Brothers carefully crafted creation.

  • Using recycled and recyclable materials in packaging
  • Using 100% green renewable electricity at Two Brothers Roundhouse
  • Conserving water throughout the brewing process
  • Using local ingredients as much as possible to cut down on food (and hop and barley) miles
  • Using American made products whenever possible to ensure a smaller carbon footprint, higher quality items and to support our economy
  • Growing our own organic rooftop garden for the freshest produce served at our restaurants
  • Using the latest energy efficient brewing equipment, including an ultra-high efficient boiler
  • Providing brewery spent grain to local farms to help feed their cattle
  • Having Two Brothers Tap House be the first restaurant in DuPage county to join The Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition
  • Having Two Brothers Roundhouse be the first restaurant in Kane county to join The Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition
  • Joining the Natural Resources Defense Council, emphasizing the importance of clean water in brewing practices


The Green Chicago Restaurant CoalitionNatural Resources Defense Council