Two Brothers Passion Project – Matthew J. Wood

Matthew J. Wood – Photographer

Whatever your thing – music, travel, art, or beer – Two Brothers is a firm believer in following your passion. Our passion involves brewing beer that we can be proud of. For us, that means brewing sustainably with the highest quality ingredients and creating beers that push the boundaries of flavor and innovation.

We also support those in our community who follow their own passions. So, we decided to create the #TwoBrosPassionProject, where we will be sharing, encouraging and supporting local artists, musicians, athletes, community leaders, or really just anyone who’s following their passion and living it.

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Name: Matthew John Wood (Matt) – @matt.jwood on instagram

Where you call home: Newcastle upon Tyne/Chicago

Profession: Postdoctoral Research Associate – Immunology/Biology

Passions/Hobbies: Photography

 A little info about yourself: I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2018 after completing my PhD in England. This is my first time living in another country, and although Chicago was overwhelming at first, I have grown to love the city and the people here. I enjoy spending as much time outside as possible, taking photos, listening to music and of course, drinking good beer!

How did you get into your passion: I’ve always enjoyed photography, often taking landscape photos in the Lake District and Scottish Highlands whilst hiking. My passion grew exponentially when I moved to Chicago and discovered a love for urban photography!

 What about your hobby/profession makes you so passionate about it: I am passionate about photography for two main reasons. Firstly because it is a great way to switch off from work, and allows me to be completely creative. Secondly is for the people I have met through photography, some of the most supportive and inspiring people with a shared passion.

 What do you have on tap: Since photography is mainly a hobby and creative outlet to escape from work, I have no current major exhibitions. However there are a couple of photography projects in the pipeline.

Best way for fans to follow you: Instagram – @matt.jwood

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