Cellar Club FAQs

Cellar Club FAQs

How do I sign up for the Two Brothers Cellar Club?

Cellar Club Memberships are currently available for purchase here.

What does a Two Brothers Cellar Club Membership include?

You can see everything the Two Brothers Cellar Club includes on our Membership Perks page found here.

How much does a Membership cost?

A yearly Cellar Club Membership costs $199 (not including taxes).

Can I buy a Membership as a gift?

Yes. You can purchase a Cellar Club Membership a gift here.

How do I pick up my beer?

Cellar Club Members will receive two 750 ml beers 4x a year (approximately once per quarter). When your beer is ready, you will be contacted via email about your pick up. You will have six weeks to pick up your beer at your designated location. All members must present their membership card and a valid ID to pick up beer.

What if I don’t pick up my beer?

If you do not pick up your beer in the 60-day window, you will forfeit that particular beer for the quarter. Beer will not be rolled over into the next allotment.

Can I choose where to pick up my beer?

Yes. When you sign up for your Cellar Club Membership, you will be allowed to pick which Two Brothers location you would like to designate as your pick up spot for the year. All Two Brothers locations are available except for Scottsdale, Arizona.

What kind of beer will I be receiving?

Cellar Club Members will receive an email the week before each beer release, providing details about that quarter’s specific beer.

How do I obtain my Membership card and welcome kit?

Cellar Club Members will receive an email shortly after first of the year (Jan. 1) notifying them that their Membership card and welcome kit are ready for pick up.

I am unable to pick up my beer. Can I have someone else pick it up?

Your proxy is allowed to pick up a Cellar Club Members’ beer. You can choose your proxy when you sign up for the Cellar Club. The proxy will need to present a valid ID at pick up.

How do I receive my discounts on my dine-in bill?

Dine-in discounts are offered at all Two Brothers’ locations Sunday through Thursday. When you arrive at a Two Brothers’ restaurant, inform you server that you are Cellar Club Member and present your Membership card. Cellar Club Members will receive 10% off their entire bill Sunday-Thursday and 15% on the day you pick up your beer allocation (Sun.-Thurs. only).

In the meantime, you can use your ID as proof you are a Cellar Club Member.

How do I receive discounts on merchandise or beer-to-go?

Present your Cellar Club Membership card when purchasing items at a Two Brothers’ location. If you are purchasing a keg, please call in advance to check availability. (Kegs are only available for sale at the Two Brothers Tap House in Warrenville, IL).

Can I drink my Cellar Club beer at the Two Brothers’ location after pick up?

Cellar Club Members may drink their beer at the location upon pick up. There will be no corkage fee.

How do I buy tickets to Two Brothers and Cellar Club events?

Cellar Club Members will receive an email with a link, code or special instructions allowing them to purchase tickets before they are made available to the public.

How do I re-enroll for next year’s Membership?

Cellar Club Members will receive an email with a time window to re-purchase a Membership before it opens to the public.  

Don’t see an answer to your question? Send us an email at Info@TwoBrothersCellarClub.com.