Two Brothers Nail Pulling Party

  • This event has passed.

Two Brothers Nail Pulling Party and Brewery Open House

Date: Saturday, April 21st from Noon – 4 p.m.
Location: Two Brothers Tap House
Tickets: $35 (Purchase here)

Details: Two Brothers Brewing Company is hosting an exclusive Nail Pulling Party at the Two Brothers brewery. Nails will be pulled out of our best, barrel-aged beers from our Special Projects Division for guest to sample. These rare, limited beers have been researched, aged and developed for years with some being offered exclusively at this event.

The brewery will be an open house with Two Brothers staff and beer experts on hand to talk about the exciting beers we are offering. Most of these beers will not be available to buy elsewhere.

This event celebrates the annual opening of our beer archives where we will feature rare beers for purchase to take home.

Tickets are $35 each and include:

  • At least 12 samples of the rare Two Brothers barrel-aged beers
  • Lunch buffet
  • Opportunity to buy exclusive and rare beers from Two Brothers Special Projects and our archives, some that will not be available to the general public
  • Open brewery for self-guided tours


Two Brothers Nail Pulling Beer List

(Beer subject to change. Beer listed as style, aged barrel type, alcohol by volume)

Barrel Beers
(Beers pulled straight from the barrel)

– Brett IPA, French Oak Foudre, 6.5% ABV
– Belgian Amber, Cabernet, 6% ABV
– 2016 American Sour, Chardonnay, 4% ABV
– 2018 American Sour, Cabernet, 4% ABV
– Bare Tree Wheat Wine, Chardonnay, 11.2% ABV
– Smoked Black Tea Northwind, Chardonnay, 7.5% ABV
– 21st Anniversary IPA, Chardonnay, 8.2% ABV
(Rare/barreled aged beers on draft)
– Sour Beer #2, French Oak Foudre, 6.5% ABV (LAST BARREL)
– Hop Centric Black IPA, Cabernet, 9.9% ABV
– In the Woods, Kettle Sour and foudre sour blend, 4.5% ABV
– Doppelbock, Bourbon Barrel, 9% ABV
–  Barley Wine, Cabernet, 9%