Craftsman Coffee Class: Advanced Espresso and Milk Prep 303

  • This event has passed.

Advanced Espresso and Milk Prep 303: Latte Art

Date/Time: December 5th, 7-9 pm
Location: Coffee Studio at The Crafsman (Naperville)
Tickets: $125 (Purchase at the Craftsman host stand)

Our latte art class will provide attendees the time and hands on instruction needed to pour latte art with confidence. Latte art doesn’t just provide a pretty design on the top of lattes & cappuccinos, it also ensures proper distribution of the milk and espresso that results in a consistent and delicious drink.

*Attendees will be expected to have taken our 101 class OR have a solid working knowledge of how to dial an espresso grinder in as well as steam milk for both lattes and cappuccinos and construct drinks.