Brotherhood of the Barrel Release Event @ Bigby’s Pour House


Two Brothers Brewing Company has teamed up with Solemn Oath Brewery for a collaboration beer based on family…brotherhood to be exact. “Brotherhood of the Barrel” started off as a conversation between the Ebel and Barley brothers earlier this year. The brothers from Solemn Oath came out to TBBC and among other things, discussed how to create a beer that represented both breweries and families.

The decision: two styles, one base beer. The first style of “Brotherhood of the Barrel” was aged for 5 months in bourbon barrels. The second, dry hopped with a ridiculous amount of cascade hops.

The Brotherhood of the Barrel will be released this upcoming Thursday, November 14th at Bigby’s Pour House in Addison. Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting will be the MC for the night, directing questions from attendees to the Ebel and Barley brothers. The event starts at 6pm, and $40 tickets include a flight of Two Brothers and Solemn Oath beers and appetizers. The event officially ends at 8pm, and the general public is welcome to come after the Q&A session.

Brotherhood of the Barrel, will be available for purchase November 15th, 2013 in 22oz bottles.

“Brotherhood can be a powerful force. Take for example the brothers from Two Brothers Brewing Company and Solemn Oath Brewery. Both breweries continually create products that are more than just an enjoyable beer. They are libations that get people excited and talking about a movement for taste!”

This collaboration was designed to combine both breweries wildly talented teams and challenge them to make two unique brews using the same base beer. This batch was aged for five months in fresh whiskey barrels.

The Oaked Version: This batch was aged for five months in fresh whiskey barrels. Dark in color, the aroma of this beer is strongly oak. Flavors of rich oak char, vanilla and bourbon are present. This barrel aged beer has a medium body, with no prevailing hop character.

The Drop Hopped Version: The same base as it’s “brother”, this beer was dry hopped with a ridiculous amount of Cascade hops. It has the same dark color, but the aroma is earthier, with hints of floral and citrus from the Cascade hops. The taste is larger and hoppier up front, with a nice, dark malt backbone.


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