Brewery Expansion Update

We are happy to announce that we are expanding the brewery with four new 200 barrel fermenters. In addition to the new fermenters, the installation of a new centrifuge is planned for the beginning of 2014.


The fermenters are made by Paul Mueller Company, located in Springfield, MO. Paul Mueller Company has created tanks for us in the past; 6 of the fermenters we’re currently using and the bright tank, where beer matures and naturally carbonates. We’ll gain 800 barrels of fermentation space with the addition of these new tanks, which will increase cellar space 30%.

GEA Westfalia of Germany is constructing the new centrifuge.

“There are almost too many improvements to list about this new machine,” explains Jeremy Bogan, head brewer. “The centrifuge was developed specifically for the beverage industry. Alaskan Brewing has the same machine, which they’ve been using for about eight months. And New Glarus has a similar machine, but it is belt driven. We’ve been looking forward to this piece of equipment for some time.”

One of the key enhancements of this centrifuge will be the ability to run about two times faster than the current machine. We’ll have better results in both clarity and dissolved oxygen pick up. Also, the centrifuge will have a direct drive, making it much more energy efficient.

Stop by the brewery for a tour to see the entire process from start to finish!